Emotional Attachments. Good or bad?

Gautama Buddha said that the root of suffering is attachment. To be free from sufferings, free yourself from attachments.

Practising non-attachment is tough. Yes it is not that easy to let go and requires a lot of will power and self-control. When all attachments fall away what remains is REALITY. In the process one may be vulnerable and get negatively influenced by destructive behaviors like drugs and alcohol abuse, anxiety, compromising, rushing into decisions, relationships, mood swings, distant behavior. Our competitive modern lifestyles making it worse, with over indulgence in digital platforms and social media and reduced human interactions it becomes tougher reaching out for emotional support in times of crisis..

One should learn the difference between attachment and connection. Connection gives you power, enriches you emotionally & as a person whereas attachment sucks the life out of you. The best way out is accepting whatever comes on the way and allowing it to leave when its time because you may not be able to control what life throws at you but you have a choice how to react to it. Slow down, take your time and think rationally if its worth a shot. What’s for you will be for you effortlessly! Be it people, relationships, beliefs, money or belongings.

How to get emotionally strong?

  1. Consider your past experiences and learn from them if required seek help from someone you can trust or a therapist.
  2. Channelize your energy into something productive, may be your interests or passion- Writing works for me!
  3. Focus and avoid distractions. This is the toughest part but not impossible!
  4. Learn to Say NO! If I have so can you.
  5. Stop over reacting. “Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.”
  6. Take good care of yourself. Workout, sleep & eat healthy.
  7. Surround your self with happy & positive people.
  8. Don’t waste time in unproductive things or with people who add no value to your life.
  9. Appreciate, empathize and help people around you.
  10. Last but not the least, Believe in yourself, Love yourself, Appreciate yourself for whatever you have accomplished and practice Gratitude.